Acetaldehyde is a strong liquid that burns effortlessly. Acetaldehyde has a sturdy, fruity odor that in high concentrations can cause breathing difficulties. Also called ethanal, acetaldehyde generates naturally in the body and vegetation.

It is an organic chemical compound with the chemical name Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is also known as MeCHO. The chemical has no color and it is a liquid having a molecular formula C2H4O, also called CH3CHO. IUPAC's name for Acetaldehyde is ethanal. It has a strong fruity odor.

Acetaldehyde is generally utilized as an intermediate in the making of acetic acid, also it is utilized in the making of drugs, perfumes, dyes, flavoring agents, etc. When Acetaldehyde is used externally for lengthy periods it is toxic.

Where Can Acetaldehyde Be Found and How is it Used?
Acetaldehyde is found in nature in numerous foods like cheese, ripe fruits, and heated milk.


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Acetaldehyde is mainly utilized to make other chemicals, such as disinfectants and acetic acid, perfumes, and medications.

Rising Demand in Array of Applications Is Expected to Boost the Demand for Acetaldehyde
Acetaldehyde is utilized in a large range of industrial applications; acetaldehyde is the near usually utilized raw material in the organic chemical sector. As a raw material, it is utilized in the making of concerning plasticizers, paint binders, and then super absorbents that are utilized within baby diapers. It is also utilized in the making of several kinds of building materials, furnace protection paints, synthetic lubricants, and explosives. In the pharmaceutical sector, this chemical is utilized in the making of sleeping aids, vitamins, and sedatives.

Uses of Acetaldehyde
Acetaldehyde is mainly utilized to make other chemicals.

• It is utilized to make acetic acid.
• It is utilized to make resin.
• It is utilized to make drugs, disinfectants, and perfumes.
• It is perfumed to produce polyvinyl acetate.
• It is utilized as a precursor to crotonaldehyde, pyridine derivatives, and pentaerythritol.
• Acetaldehyde is also used as an antibacterial for fish and fruit in the making of yeast, vinegar, etc.
• It is utilized as a solvent in some industrial procedures like the making of tanning, paper, and rubber.