Welcome to the Tonesbox Adwise program, publishers can make money online with Adwise.

Adwise code

Tonesbox adwise network have both publisher and advertiser aspects. The publisher earns from displaying ads from our website to their website.

How this works.

The publisher creates an account on tonesbox.com website, then proceed to send us a message indicating the subject as 'publisher'. The content should contain this 'I will like to display your advertisement on my website, this is my website address'. Then include web address. Our system administrator will access your website and once it qualifies to display our advertising, your will be added to our publishers network. We collect adverts from advertisers according to different categories and include different formats.

How to place ads

Click on Tonesbox adwise, navigate to ads codes select your desired format. Place it on your website. Up to 3 display space are accepted per page.

How to earn

Your earnings will be generated once your website visitors clicks or views on the ads on your site. You can always see your earnings in your profile wallet(right hand) and can withdraw from your wallet (left hand) when you have up to NGN100.

Ads removal and account closure

Your account will be terminated when you carry out fraudulent behaviours on our ads, as we like advertisers to get genuine views or clicks.

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Advertising comes in boost and Manager. To become an advertiser, click on ads manager from your left menu, or create a post and click on boost. (To enable boost you need to be a pro user).

Total audience reachable: 4 billion + people worldwide. Do not select or unselect in country settings to reach everybody on the internet. Learn more about our ads see UASA