Tonesbox media as an office and learning institution, provides people with an opportunity to work with Tonesbox Media and also learn more about Tonesbox media all from comfort of their homes, offices, etc.


The office includes different positions depending on the individual's interest, it only requires the candidate to upgrade plan to Office and learning. After that the candidate will be in touch with our administrator who will discuss the trainee intended feilds.

Candidate are required firstly to have knowledge in a particular feild either in Media, administration, Business, ICT, or an Entrepreneur etc.


We accept interim workers from all institutions. Kindly use the contact link to reach is for interim discussions.

Volunteer workers

We accept volunteer workers who currently are not interested in our learning or interim. You will be given equal workspace and leverage. You may also get bonuses payment when available.


The candidate will go through a period of learning more on Tonesbox media for a year, after fulfilling the requirements, will be presented with a certificate to work with Tonesbox Media. During the learning period there's opportunity to work as interim.


Tonesbox media pays per month at the moment following countries minimum wages from level 1 - 16 step 2

Click on profile and upgrade to Office and learning category select a plan to begin learning and get opportunity to work with Tonesbox Media. A moderator will be in touch with you to assist you once you upgrade to an office and learning member.