User and system adverts (UASA) helps users understand our ads.

Community based advertisment (Sponsored post content)

Tonesbox media community based ads (sponsored content) is a local way of individual, companies or entities to show appreciation for showing their contents by paying Tonesbox Media to display sponsored content. These contents can appear on, before, in-between or after users posts

Create ads to sponsor contents

Understanding ads on Tonesbox media

Tonesbox Media displays both user created and system created adverts. This adverts are unlike indegenous advertising that collects money to display on large networks such as boards or screens, door to door advertising. Tonesbox Media ads only displays higher posts contents or updates as ads when a user creates one. On tonesbox media it's called sponsored posts contents and boosted contents they only appear Infront of all users instead of just your friends or followers. 

Cost and engagement

It uses pay per view or pay per click cost and engagement as the ads creator or content creator only gets his/her/their balances deducted when an action is performed towards their sponsored contents. 


Your ads will be shown on all our main websites, that cuts across 4.32 - 4.66 billion internet users worldwide.

Our digital distribution blogs

Our RSS news portal

And finally on our social network

To encourage more engagements from different locations, we have also added a feature of displaying ads on over 2 million webpages worldwide with minimum of 1000 views per web page.


You can only monitor your ads clicks on your social network account ads-manager tab, other clicks are monitored by our administrator. But if you have a tracking system or you know how to monitor clicks to your ads, you will be able to understand our clicks better. 

Network reach

Tonesbox Media reaches the whole Internet covering over 4.66 billion active users from traffic sources with 4.32 billion coming from mobile devices. It's still gathering data to determine the active users of our network only based on user sign ups. 


The entire system uses artificial intelligence concepts including Turing to create accounts, post, react and comment. The reason behind this is to teach Tonesbox users how to increase user engagements and improve promotions,boosts and ads actions for better results. When you see an account imitating your web post, don't panic as they will be removed based on active users data. It also improves the overall effectiveness of our Tonesbox Media softbots.