Tonesbox media is a Nigerian private internet based telecommunication company in information and communication sector, providing media services. The company services can be used by all countries regardless of their locations, and the main product is social network website. Most of it publications are for reading pleasure and contains prose fiction ( imaginary details) code library and cognitive science features to gain more engagements to tonesbox media and the company in whole which was formally established on 2nd of August 2021.


Colours: Blue and white
Symbols: Two Royal keys in diamond box


Motto: Reaching others
Anthem find here 


What is Tonesbox

A short form for Technology Oriented Network of Entities and Services box,  is a social network Website that was designed and implemented using Artificial intelligence known as AI and Big data technology for communication.

Aim:  Providing information and communication services.

Vision: Creating a new social network that will add to the communication means of the world.

Mission: Stabilization of a strong and reliable social media network.

Method of operation: Meeting remotely with clients in need of our services and providing them with the proper service required or waiting for submission of hired service from clients. Does not operate any main physical structure for office purposes, however workers can add signage to their house including address to display Tonesbox Media services functions or meet it clients at fixed locations. Unlike journalism, Tonesbox Media provide direct information ready to be released to the public from clients or a prose fiction news and promotes it accordingly depending on the clients budget. In General, Tonesbox Media services are free for use to communicate and get information and also rated as classified in terms of computation, automation and information in publishing of stories.

Activities record: Tonesbox Media have provided information and communication services to over 2 Million people since creation as a community news agency (Henryogars blog) till now as Tonesbox Media company. 

Tonesbox Media 2022 annual Profit: $5.99

Motto: Reaching others


Founder  - Angel Henry

Preceded: No (Pioneer founder)

Succeeded by - None

Incumbent 2020 - present


Tonesbox media has a social media called Tonesbox that allows users to maintain internet culture by making use of it websites and blogs to propagate their interest. As a media institution, it encourages an internet tradition that let users to use it media tools to reach others by sharing memories, they can also be funded and they can amplify messages to people with an easy to use advertising feature. The media institution also trains and employs people using traditional non formal education or school structure system method. It's a continuing professional development style of institution on social network in particular 'Tonesbox' where the learner's objectives may be to increase skills and knowledge, as well as to experience the emotional rewards associated with increased love for a subject or increased passion for learning and working with us. 


The website allows several languages from different countries, while the programming language used to create the website is PHP and Cock (Common Oriented Control Knowledge Language) it's a programming language developed in the process of developing the website, it was initially made to work as COBOL oriented control knowledge using COBOL programming method but changed during the development of Tonesbox Media.


The physical structure of the website was designed to work with the model of one to many and many to one, while the working process entails remote workers with only one major director and several heads officer.

History and culture

The social media community was founded in 2017 by Angel Henry with a different name and structured more in a blog format. In 2020, Angel Henry was able to build it to a complete social community with the aid of a programmer who assisted Angel Henry with his work after Angel Henry's research on making a complete social network. In folklore, Tonesbox Media tradition also follows the Angel Henry internet traditions, 'fiction' with some new cultures and lifestyle found in its privacy policy and terms. The overall culture of the website is the internet culture that involves various categories.


Tonesbox media contents are rewarded with points which can be claimed to users wallet as cash. This cash can be used to purchase services from the website or withdrawn to bank account. It's a dynamic process that works with number of interactions and engagement on each contents a user uploads. Tonesbox Media's networth is estimated at $349.5 billion in 2022, March 11 with Angel Henry becoming the world's richest person  having a networth of $349.5 billion beating Elon Musk at $223 billion. It is also considered a company with passive income since it earns traditionally from adverts of display from large network and also from pay and publish on it website.

Community support 

Tonesbox media have been made to enable users raise funds for their projects through online community funding without hassle. 


The organization and company started off with a budget of NGN221,000 and lost over NGN200,000 in development at the first quarter of 2020. In the third quarter of 2021 it was in debt of over NGN300,000 to foreign companies who sponsored it finance such as Black cooper, Carbon. The company is estimated to own NGN1 from over 4 billion internet users, also making profit from digital distribution sales. It raises revenue from publishing, sponsorships on it digital blog ho9jatvs. After paying almost 90% of the debt, it became the world richest persons' company with $349.5 billion United States with estimated sales earnings of minimum of NGN1 per transactions for every $1.

Tonesbox Media official contact

Founder - Angel Henry

ūüďě +2349057310573